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We offer a wide range of social media education. Talk Fast Social believes everyone deserves the capability to harness the power of social media and understand the potential impact it can have. 

Erica Norris Consulting
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What is Consulting?

Social Media Channel Audit

Let’s take a look at the whole picture.

Social Ad Buy Training

Do you want to run your own ads? We will teach you how!

Public Speaking

We LOVE talking about all things advertising, marketing and especially social media.

How to Read Insights 101

It can look like a foreign language in the beginning, but we can turn it into a language you understand.

Social Media Marketing Training

Got the staff but just need the teacher? The professors of Talk Fast Social have got you covered.

Social Media 101 Classes

We can do these online or in person!

Social Media Content Consulting

Your creative needs a plan.

Customer Service Development

Are you not sure how to deal with those tough reviews? Let us teach you how!

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Dutch Bros Spokane

We have never done more awesome training than with the Dutch Bros team. We embraced their team of broistas to teach them what type of self-made content will perform the best.

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Social Media Week

Our owner Erica Norris gets asked to talk about social media at all types of events and conferences. She’s extremely knowledgable and she loves sharing what she’s learned over the past 10+ years!

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